Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hunt Begins!

Before you begin, please register at SEALtheBeach.com

How to Play:
  • Choose a game based on your skill level and/or proximity to the location.
  • Once you have read the clue, strap on your hiking shoes and begin to hunt
  • When you find the treasure please read the clue and write down any information that you may need to bring back home with you.  It's best if you bring your own pen and paper.  Generally the clue or answer will be no longer than one sentence or phrase.
  • Please replace the clue back in the bottle and hide the bottle in the exact spot that you found it.  Please don't attempt to bury it entirely.  The idea is to hide the clue away from the public eye but make it easy enough for game players to find.
  • Once you have solved the mystery, enter your answer at http://www.sealthebeach.com/SealTreasures.html
  • Please allow 24 - 72 hours for the answer to be verified.  Your Display Name and Points will be updated on the Leader Board.
  • At this time no prizes are being awarded.  However as our program continues to grow we hope to incorporate incentives for your participation.
  • The  majority of the games will be centralized around Ventura County, but that is not to say I will not venture outside this perimeter. 
  • Games will be updated and added frequently.

       *****PLAY NOW*****      
Pick a level, choose a game and read the WARNINGS below before you begin...       

Backyard Level: 5 Points
Easy hikes usual under 1 mile round trip
  • Game #1001: Behind the Tree; Ventura- Follow DAY 165

Foothill Level: 10 Points
Hikes under two-miles with mild elevation gains
  • Game #2101: Arroyo Verde Park; Ventura- Follow DAY 163
  • Game #2102: The Bridge; Ventura- Follow DAY 164
  • Game #2103: Lost in Rancho Conejo; Newbury Park Day 219
  • Game #2104: Santa Rosa Park; Camarillo Day 247

Ridge Level: 20 Points
Prepare to be in the wild for 1 to 2 hours
  • Game #3130: Two Trees; Ventura, CA- Follow DAY 160.
  •  Game #3131: Sulphur Springs; Oak Park, CA- Follow Day 261

Mountain Level: 35 Points
5+ miles and elevation likely to go with it
  • Game #4404: Fossil Trail; Newbury Park, CA- Follow DAY 178  
  • Game #4411: La Jolla Valley; Pt. Mugu, CA- Follow Day 216
  • Game #4422: Simi Peak; Oak Park, CA- Follow Day 235

Summit Peak Level: 50 Points
Should only be attempted by the extreme hiking enthusiast
  • Game #5505: Tri-Peaks Mt. Boney; Newbury Park, CA- DAY 192

*The First 10 Players that complete a mission will be awarded with an additional Point Bonus: 10 Points to the First Player, 9 Points for the Second, and so on and so forth until 1 additional Point for the 10th Player.

**If you attempt a game and cannot find the clue, you may enter "NO TREASURE" as your Answer.  It may be possible that the clue has been misplaced or stolen :(.  However, the Game will be verified and if it turns out that the clue is where it's supposed to be, you will be deducted 25 points.  That said, if you are correct and the clue cannot be found, you will be awarded 25 points for the heads up!

  • By participating in these games, you agree to hike and search at your own risk. 
  • Please be sure that you bring enough water, food and clothing before you depart.
  • You may not hold Harbor Seals & Trails or any of its affiliates accountable for any incident that may result in injury or death.
  • You may not hold Harbor Seals & Trails or any of its affiliates accountable for any violation of the law.
  • Prepare accordingly for any hiking adventure.  Use due diligence before entering any trail or open space.  If ever any doubt arises when out in the wild, turn around and go home.
  • For more information about this program, please visit us at www.SEALtheBeach.com